The Amadeus Foundation believes that classical music should not be a privilege of a certain social class or citizens of a certain area, but should be enjoyed by everyone.

Music education has always been the top priority in Amadeus and it should be enjoyed not just by people in Jakarta, but also people in other cities, towns, even villages in Indonesia. Beginning in the school's early years, the Amadeus team has visited many parts of the country to introduce classical music and conduct masterclasses. In many cases, the audience has never seen a live orchestra performance before. The experience inspired many people and children even decided to pursue music as their future career.

The Amadeus team has also visited remote areas such as Tomohon (North Sulawesi) and Serukam (West Kalimantan) to pass on knowledge to music teachers. These teachers, in return, pass on the knowledge to their students, enticing creativity and artistic fulfillment along the way.

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